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Country Interiors: Four Recent Country House Interior Projects

We love these recently completed interior projects on these Country Houses and Farmhouses. Bespoke Footstool and Roman Blinds     Interior Type: Footstool, Roman Blind and Cushions Fabric: Linwood Kami Property Type Country House Location: Odell, Bedfordshire   View this Interior Project   Bespoke Shower Curtain     Interior Type: Shower Curtain Curtains: Zoffany Property [...]

2023-09-25T15:21:00+01:00April 27th, 2023|Interior Design|0 Comments

Baker Lifestyle Fabric

Baker Lifestyle: An Introduction Baker Lifestyle fabric provides a range of premium fabrics designed to meet modern lifestyles' needs. The material is developed to be comfortable, stylish, and aesthetically pleasing. The brand combines quality, comfort, and visual appeal to provide a unique product for its customers. Baker Lifestyle fabrics are available in a variety of [...]

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Clarke & Clarke Fabrics

Clarke & Clarke: An Introduction Clarke & Clarke is a UK-based textile design company specialising in creating high-quality fabrics and wallcoverings for the interior design market. The company was founded in 1999 by brothers Lee and Daniel Clarke and has since grown to become a well-known and respected brand in the industry. The company is [...]

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Jane Churchill Fabrics

Jane Churchill: An Introduction Jane Churchill is a UK-based textile and wallpaper design company founded in the 1980s. The company offers a wide range of fabrics and wallpapers for residential and commercial interiors, focusing on traditional, timeless designs that are both elegant and practical. Jane Churchill's fabrics are known for their high quality and durability [...]

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GP & J Baker Fabrics

GP & J Baker: An Introduction GP & J Baker is a British fabric and textile design company founded in 1884. The company is known for its high-quality fabrics and wallcoverings, which are used in many applications, including home furnishings, curtains, fashion, and contract interiors. GP & J Baker has a reputation for creating elegant, [...]

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Colefax & Fowler Fabrics

Colefax & Fowler: An Introduction Colefax and Fowler is a British luxury home furnishings brand specialising in fabrics, wallpapers, and upholstery. The company was founded in the 1930s by Nancy Lancaster, and it quickly gained a reputation for its high-quality, traditional designs and luxurious materials. Today, Colefax and Fowler's fabrics are known for their classic [...]

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Outside/Outdoor Seat Cushions

Outside/Outdoor Seat Cushions Need some outside/outdoor seat cushions, we have the perfect durable, shower proof fabric …… For stylish practical living both indoors and outdoors, Designers Guild has launched an amazing, cheerful range of fabrics for those outside seat cushions, chairs that you can leave outside all summer and doesn’t fade!  Perfect for relaxing [...]

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Coordinated Sitting Room Scheme in Stamford

Coordinated Sitting Room Scheme in Stamford Susie was given this wonderful opportunity to coordinate a sitting room scheme using natural colours with an accent of mustards and greys.  Here the curtains are Bakers Kamala fabric and to accessorise we used Vanessa Arbuthnott fabrics for the cushions.  We also made a lovely lampshade for the standard [...]

2023-01-16T18:30:13+00:00February 8th, 2017|Interior Design|0 Comments
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