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Hand Sewn Curtain Styles and Techniques

Hand Sewn Curtain Styles and Techniques In the rich tapestry of British interior design, hand sewn curtains occupy a distinctive space, serving as both practical elements and testaments to artisanal prowess. Delving into the annals of the UK's domestic history, these meticulously crafted draperies emerge as more than mere window treatments; they stand as symbols [...]

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Curtains, Blinds Design in Rutland

Curtains, Blinds and Soft Furnishing Design Susie was given a fabulous opportunity to design the curtains, blinds, soft furnishings and furniture in this beautiful old house in Rutland. The furniture is from Whiteheads and Covercraft, all British made with a 25 year guarantee.  The fabrics used range from Mulberry to Ian Mankin, Vanessa Arbuthnott, Clarke [...]

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